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Kier Cooke Sandvik (b. 1987, Stavanger, Norway)


2019-21  MFA program, Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo

2016-19  BFA program, Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo

2006-08  Strykejernet, Oslo

Solo / duo exhibitions:

2022  Hide and seek / Each is good in his own house and garden, Loftet at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, with Mari Eriksen

2021  Surged, Haus Der Kunst, Oslo

2019  Cold Son, Breadbox Contemporary, Oslo

Group exhibitions, selected

2023  Two Plus Two Makes Four, The Auxiliary Project Space, Middlesbrough

2023  TBA, Galleri Box, Gothenburg (upcoming)

2022  Oslo Negativ, Det Gamle Biblioteket, Oslo, representing Podium

2022  Extremophile, Podium, Oslo

2022  Oslo City nr. 7, BO, Oslo

2021  Entitet, Ekeberg Skulturpark, Oslo

2021  Klubb ERGI, ERGI

2021  Gatitas, Katten, Oslo

2020  Solstice Countdown, Destiny's, Oslo

2020  Cherry Blossom Collective, Hage till Hage, Oslo

2020  Morello Collective, Hage till Hage, Oslo

2020  Post, Hage till Hage, Oslo

2020  Spore, Hage till Hage, Oslo

2019  BFA graduation show, Ila Pensjonat, Oslo

2018  Borgen Museum -& Co, Borgen museum, Hvittingfoss

2015  Out of Order, NMNP Project Space, Stavanger

2015  Ripperz, VAU Project Space, Glasgow

2015  Make Windows Where There Are Walls, Notting Hill Arts Club, London

2014  Unshelling and Shelling Again, Kunsthall Stavanger and Diorama, Oslo, curated by Eirik Sæther

2011  The Weaklings, Five Years, London, curated by Dennis Cooper

2009  The Perpetual Dialogue, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, selected by Josh Smith


2022  Hage till Hage no. 6, Oslo, in collaboration with Iris Bengtsson

2022  Hage till Hage, Destiny's, Oslo, in collaboration with Iris Bengtsson


2021  FKDS studio grant at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

2021  Kulturrådet diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere

2018  FKDS grant for the development of artistic practice

Other, selected

2024  This øy will eventually take me, publication project with Stan D'Haene, Tenthaus Publishing (upcoming)

2023  Artist's book published by Take Ten Press (upcoming)

2023  Edition of lithography posters released alongside the Brazilian Portuguese translation of The Voidoid by Richard Hell, Grafatorio

           Publishers (upcoming)

2022  Artwork for the cover of Paul Curran's novel Generation Bloodbath, Apocalypse Party Press

2021  Artwork for the cover of Dennis Cooper's novel I Wished,  Soho Press, USA

2018  Original artwork for Dennis Cooper and Zac Farley's feature film Permanent Green Light, France

2010  Artist's book There's Something Down There published by 38th Street Publishers, USA

2009  Illustrations for Richard Hell’s novel The Voidoid, published by 38th Street Publishers, USA

2009-12  Self-published comic zine Meat Boys with Ottar Karlsen (issues 1-5)

2006-10  Self-published zine Flesh World (issues 1-5)


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